bullet I am privileged to recommend Mark Palazzo as a Graphic Artist and/or Art Director. While working with him as a peer at Generation II USA, I was so impressed with not only his depth in creativity and providing the marketing team varied ideas to brainstorm, but his keen eye for detail and perfection. Today, we work together in a different capacity. I run the Marketing Department at EKOS and I have the pleasure of contracting Mark to provide all of our graphic needs...from designing our website,  medical case studies, 8 page brochures, sell sheets, trade show graphics and more. We are very pleased with his work and I would highly recommend Mark for any high level Art/Creative position.
- Laurie Hodge, Sr. Event Planner, Marketing Communications Specialist at EKOS Corporation
bullet Mark reported to me for 3-1/2 years ending in 2004, and I can attest to the business value that he brings to an organization. He helped our company grow market share over 25%, introduce critical new products, penetrate new markets, and improve the capabilities of our sales network. He has incredible creative skills – once he is locked on to the message and positioning statement, he goes to work crafting a spectrum of possible solutions. As the owner of the brand, Mark ensures that his ideas have a strong tie to product identity. And most importantly, Mark has a dogged determination to match the creative execution to marketing, sales and corporate goals. As an avid softball player, Mark is the consummate team player. I have personally worked with graphic artists, designers and art directors who take any creative assessment as personal criticism, but this definitely is not the case with Mark. While he will sell his strongest ideas with passion, he listens intently to others’ input and will revise or come up with new ideas until he has hit the target. He knows that good ideas, and their execution, are usually the result of great team play. These assets clearly set Mark apart from other graphics professionals. I can highly recommend Mark to any organization that values creativity, accountability and strong results in its marketing campaigns!
- Ron Massaro, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, Generation II USA managed Mark at Generation II USA, Inc. (an OSSUR Company)
bullet Mark is both a phenomenal graphic designer and an individual of outstanding integrity. His talent and professionalism are especially appreciated at client-focused meetings where his excellent people skills, his skilled expertise, and his warm demeanor make him a valuable asset and a trusted resource. I'd work with Mark again in a heartbeat because I know that his great talent combined with his great attitude bring great results for our company.
- Carol Snider, Sr. Project Manager, Nayamode Inc.
bullet Mark has an uncanny ability to create just the right balance of creative genius and business purpose. He was the primary lead on a wide variety of marketing and design projects that delighted the customer. I hope we get an opportunity to work together again.
- Berry Zimmerman, Co-owner, Whitecap North America
bullet We contracted Mark to help us design a safety label with a challenging message for our medical device. We gave Mark our requirements, which were very fluid at the time, and wanted to see what he could come up with. We were very impressed with the results! Mark has creative ideas that are influenced by the latest in graphic design. We were able to try different directions based on his ideas, and he was very responsive and timely in working with us to give us the finished product we needed. I would definitely recommend Mark for future graphic design work.
- Brit Baird, RA Specialist at Pathway Medical